Browser Plugin installation



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    Bruce Martin

    I have the same issue, i've raised a support ticket and still waiting nearly 2 months later.

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    Devin Stetler

     11 months ago? this is not looking good. is this project still supported??


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    Julia Richter

    Any update on this? I am experiencing the same issue.

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    Chris McAllister

    Bumping this question: a working browser extension for Firefox and Chrome is a must. Copying and pasting usernames and passwords takes far too many clicks at the moment in V8.

    An update from the DEV team would be greatly appreciated.

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    Jeffrey Henry

    Bumping again. Being forced to move over from LP at my new job. LP has this functionality in Chrome.

    Any word on this?

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    Ayal Kellman

    Bumping again

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    Passpack Customer

    As of Feb 18th, support said:

    Due to changes in Google's Web Store policies, the extension was temporarily disabled. It requires some changes in permission handling, which have been worked on and are nearly done, we will release it concurrently with the final version of v8 as we are almost ready to exit beta here (weeks, not months). In the meantime, that error page will likely display. 

    As per previous, Firefox extension is forthcoming, but won't be released until after the Chrome extension issues are resolved. For now, copy and paste function is best option.

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