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    Matthew Drake

    Just tried out the new Passpack for the first time and immediately ran into this problem. I typed in my password info 3 times and clicked save and it said it was saving but then it takes me back to the screen and doesn't show any password / shows 0 passwords used. So clearly problem is easily repeatable.

    In case it helps debug:

    Browser: Chrome 63.0.3239.132 on Mac 10.13.3

    Developer Console shows lots of "vendor-ac7ac1767ac98d5ffa4c7fb0a2631ea2.js:6746 Refused to set unsafe header "Content-Length"" type errors both on the app load and attempting to save the password.

    There are no 400 or 500 series errors in the Network Console logs.

    Sample Create Password info that results in this failure (this is obviously not real data, but it reproduces the problem I can see with real data)

    Name: FooMortgage


    UserID: k123madrake

    Password: FooBar123%

    Notes: FooBar123%


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