BUG: Export of V7 --> import into V8: Multi-line notes don't import full note




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    We have an open issue for the first issue you mention,  the note is actually fully imported, the input is just not resizing to show you the full contents, if you focus the field and scroll down you should see the rest.  We will have a fix out for that in a day or so.


    The second issue about notes (private) vs shared notes is defaulted to shared to match expectations from v7, all notes were shared so when we had early testers try it out they were surprised that they weren't already shared.  We have an issue opened to implement the behavior you recommended - prompt on import from v7 for which one is the default.



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    thi tras

    Great news, on both of my comments, thanks!

    One other question (regarding the "notes" fields)... In V7, those were "redacted", or masked, but not in V8. Any way that could also be brought forward to the new version? I really relied on that feature.

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