'Add connection' not yet working?



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    We are still working on documentation for version 8, but have a Quick Start guide for sharing passwords.


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    I have a very similar problem.  I have been looking for the shared passwords ever since I connected but I can't find them.  From what you are saying, it sounds like I am searching in vain.


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    This is not a missing documentation issue, the application is not doing what is expected.

    We did exactly what is in this Quick Start document. But at step 4 of 'Connect to a user', the other user does not appear in the Contactslist. 

    This happens at both ends:

    User A has a nickname and is searchable
    User B adds a connection to user A
    User A accepts the invitation
    User B cannot see user A in connections
    User B cannot find user A when he tries to add the connection again


    User B has a nickname and is searchable
    User A adds a connection to user B
    User B accepts the invitation
    User A cannot see user B in connections
    User A cannot find user B when he tries to add the connection again


    If there is a way to PM you, I can send you the usernames of both user A and B

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    Update: It fixed.

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    [UPDATE : Tested again. Works fine. Topic closed for me.] I still can't share passwords. @Yousef, you got it to work ?

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    Gary Innerarity

    Still experiencing this issue. I don't even see invitations in my 'sent' folder from within PassPack v8.... This is a HUGE deal breaker for me. I'd rather have this work, rather than KeePass. 

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