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    Somehow we missed this discussion.

    • Yes, we can make the default landing screen after login an option between the dashboard and your passwords.  The dashboard isn't the most useful feature currently but we are working on improving it.  For an administrator it is probably the first place they are interested in checking when first logging in once we have more statistics available there.
    • Setting focus to search when you get to the passwords screen is something we could do, as mentioned in another comment though once that is focused the browser will swallow short cut keys which we also plan to implement.
    • The quick copy dialog is not so simple, This worked the way it did in version 7 because flash bypassed browser security in order to do so, we didn't just remove the feature because we thought popping up a dialog was better, we promise. 

      If you use Chrome then you will see the fields available inline on the password item like you suggest, but other browsers have limitations on how click to copy can work and make it more difficult to implement, ( they would take a double click instead of a single click).  
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    Enig Ma

    I feel like this needs a response and discussion.

    1) Dashboard - Having the screen default to the dashboard when first using the system is fine. However Passpack 7 did allow us to set the 'Default Screen' option. Perhaps this is what you're referring to? In which case this would be a nice feature to request to be brought over from Passpack 7.

    2) Search Focus - I think this could entirely depend on whether they want to include keyboard shortcuts into their system. Using Atlassian JIRA for creating/tracking issues, i make heavy use of the keyboard shortcuts that it provides. Rather than finding a button and clicking it, i can just press the letter 'C' on the keyboard to start creating a new issue. If this is not planned for Passpack 7, the this might be handy to include, but i don't believe that an extra half second or so to select the search field is enough to dissuade me from using the service.

    3) Quick Copy Dialog - This feature exists, you hover over the entry you want to copy from, then click on the 'key' icon to copy the password, or the 'person' icon for the username.

    As they state here:

    You require the most recent versions of browsers (this includes the development builds). This is due to Passpack making use of the Clipboard API ( which really quite a new feature which hasn't been finalised as a browser specification yet. Passpack are jumping ahead of the curve with their offered features.

    Finally, Passpack 8 is in BETA this means that it is open for testing, there may still be problems that arise. We won't be moving from Passpack 7 until I'm certain that we can easily use Passpack 8. I don't believe that it is worth jumping ship because of a design change that has not rendered their older system unusable. Passpack have stated that they won't be giving an end of life date for Passpack 7 until Passpack 8 is out of beta, which means plenty of time for improvements and fixing potential issues. Possibly even adding things in to make lives easier. Without feature requests, some things may not be looked into.

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    #3 was just rolled out this week. So that helps one issue. Two to go :)

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    Hi there, Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, but the beta version does not seem to capture words in the "notes" category, only the name of the password entry. This was an important feature of v7 for me.

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    Murray C

    Agree with The Search function seems to be limited (to just the name of the password entry?). It would be useful to continue matching against all fields.

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    "#3 was just rolled out this week. So that helps one issue. Two to go :)"

    -> still not working for me. I see the icons, but as stated higher the feature isn't operational on Firefox 57.0.4. Message is adequate (though not obvious in the bottom of the screen, but it's OK).

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    Search needs to search all fields except the password field: Name, ID, email, TAGS!, NOTES!

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    Passpack v8 is in Beta and yet you force it down peoples throats with the login page by default redirecting to v8.
    And the export-import to v8 makes it a one-way street. After working with it for a bit I want to go back to v7 but can't.

    Additional feedback:

    - v8 is much much slower, it takes me at least 2x longer to just log in and get something displayed. It just seems like the page loads 100s of JavaScripts without any kind of caching. I just reloaded the page in developer tools and it takes 12 seconds until it displays anything. From a first look i see that it loads tens of images because sprites aren't used. opening the passwords page from the dashboard takes clearly more than 5 seconds even if I accessed it before, 5 years after v7 you managed to make it more than 2x slower.

    - if the tab doesn't have focus it doesn't load, so not only is the application slow but it is deliberately wasting my time and blocking my workflow

    - notes used to be encrypted and hidden, now everybody sees what I have in there when I open PP at work

    - stretching to the whole screen is really killing usability on a 27" screen, I am not blind and if I have problems seeing something I have a browser feature to zoom in. just tried it on my phone where the UI makes a lot of sense but I use passpack 99% on desktop, it should always be desktop first! but after playing with it for 5min on my phone I haven't found a way to show my notes.

    - UI arrangement is really crappy in general, the function to add a password is in the lower right corner - I searched for this way too long. I guess this is a first in UI design, I have never seen that one before. another example is all the dialogs where you enter something, you input your data on the left and have the save button on the right, I don't use this site to enhance my skills with the mouse.

    - used symbols make no sense, in the top header bar are 4 symbols that only consist of some boxes - how are you supposed to understand that as a normal person. there is enough space, why the unnecessary minimalism?

    - things like labels are now in an additional dialog box for no reason

    - the browser extension (Chrome) is unusable, most of the time it shows that I have 0 passwords, I can't copy a password from it - it is only meant for autofill which most of the time doesn't work because domains don't match (try it on AWS which has changing URLs for the login form), for small textboxes the symbol blocks the view on sites, the workflow for auto-generating a password is just bad because I as a user don't trust that PP will remember it

    - Dashboard needs to go

    - why can I only open v8 in one tab? if you want it to behave like a desktop client you should offer one

    - the application seems to block standard browser functionality like right-click or the ability to mark

    - signin doesn't have the option to show an onscreen keyboard, I use symbols which aren't on my keyboard and now I have lost that functionality


    All in all this experience is horrible and two steps in the wrong direction. Just give v7 a small redesign and ditch this effort please, v7 does all I need better.

    Last feedback: A proper import from v7 not existing is just laziness on your end. What hinders you to give your software proper APIs to do it? I use a secure password storage and have to export my data in an unsecure fashion to keep using it. That just left me speechless. Plus I lost data like password history and probably more that I haven't discovered yet.

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    I find you a little harsh, but hearing your frustration is also necessary. I agree on some points, especially the hidden Notes field (although it doesn't bother me this way... Maybe add this as a profile setting ?). Labels on separate tab was also a surprise to me. Keep working on it, team !

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    Adam Hayes

    from just a simple password manager perspective, v8 is a big step back from v7. and v8 doesn't work at all on my iphone. i'd vote for keeping it simple: log in, see a list of accounts, search to filter down, show the password. everything else should be harder to do. 

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    I think the interface from 7 is better than 8. Unless some core features can be brought back.

    I liked the hidden notes areas, was very useful. 

    Search is not great now with only searching name.  This forces us to put tags in the name which is not ideal. If you can't search notes then AT LEAST add back the tag feature. That dynamic tag link feature  was extremely helpful in one click searching on the passwords page. Please bring that back.

    If I need to share a password, seems to waste time to go to the team to edit it and add a new password each time because it takes me minutes to find it as I keep forgetting how buried and hard to find that is.  Would be much easier to be in the password itself and push or share the password directly to the team or user rather than having to pull it like you could in 7.


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    John Glacken

    Overall I like the look and feel over the redesign, but I think it suffers mainly from:

    1) Speed. The screens are a bit slower to load. Mainly though, I search my list of passwords constantly and this search textbox is really slow to respond to mouse clicks and key presses, it's irritating.

    2) Copying a password requires two clicks. I read above there are technical issues for why this is, and I appreciate that as a developer, but as a user I've gone from a Passpack version that was single click password copy to having to click twice (and wait for the modal to load) and have this change called "Quick Copy".

    EDIT: A previous comment about using the hover-appear key symbol didn't work for me on Chrome in my workplace, but I see now that it works at home on the latest Chrome version. I think my second point can be disregarded. Much better! :)

    Overall, speed is the main killer for me. I'll still use it for the time being hoping solutions will be found for these problems. Eventually I can see myself losing patience and look for alternatives, but I sincerely hope I don't have to because I don't want to have to change, but also I have liked this product for years and like supporting it.


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    Chris McAllister

    I understand this is a complete overhaul and still in Beta, but I tend to agree with many of the comments in this thread - which is a bit heartbreaking since we use Passpack at work, and I have recommended it to many non-technical folks in my life on the principle that it works very well and is simple.

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