How does the Team functionality work?



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    Curious to know the same!

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    It's very frustrating that this kind of information isn't available on the site and that Passpack doesn't seem to respond even if it would be beneficial. Here's my understanding of the functionality based on my rather limited use of this feature:

    1. Not exactly, there is a master account for billing purposes only. That account can be used to store a master repository of company passwords however it will not automatically include all passwords in team members' accounts.

    2. Team members must create their own Passpack account. It appears that the team functionality was designed with the intention that each user registers for a single account which may be used to access work passwords, family, or any other shared passwords as well as their own personal passwords. The paid plans increase the number of teams and users the account may initiate sharing passwords to, but all accounts including the free ones may be a member of unlimited teams and receive shared passwords from unlimited connections.

    3. Sharing is done using connections and teams:

    • Connections are other accounts that your account has visibility of and may share passwords with. (Create via + button in the toolbar in the connections page)
    • Teams are a way of grouping connections and a connection may be a member of multiple teams. (Create via File menu)
    • A team is owned by a single account and team membership and permissions may be edited by that owner.
    • A password is owned by a single account and may be shared with any number of teams and connections by that owner.
    • A list of shared passwords may be defined for each individual connection as well as each team.
    • A team has permissions of either read-only or read/write which applies to all passwords.
    • Passwords shared via an individual connection rather than via a team always have read/write permissions.
    • Updates to passwords by anyone with write access are visible to everyone with whom that password is shared.
    • Passwords can't be deleted by other accounts even they are shared with read/write access, only by the owner.
    • Ownership of a password may be transferred to a team which transfers the password to the team owner's account and shares the password with that team. I haven't seen any options to transfer directly to another connection. (Existing sharing information isn't transferred, so a transfer unshares the password from any other teams it was shared with by the previous owner)

    4. Based on the above - whoever adds a new password owns that password and the new password is not shared by default. The owner may decide to share and/or transfer that password.

    Hope this helps!

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