Make Labels usable again, like in V7



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    This seems to be restored with the new interface of v8. Although the styling of the auto-complete suggestions is rather terrible on my current Chrome version...

    The larger issue I think is the lack of transparency/explanation on the redesign of v8, which may be an improvement in some aspects (like labels) but is less responsive overall and has missing functionality on the Dashboard and Messages.


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    Lisa Thorne

    The labels in V8 don't seem to work. It was so easily in V7 to assign a label, but I can't get it to work, I can't add a label to anything. How is it supposed to work, or is it broken?

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    We requested some new features that were added a year back to v8 and are gone with the new version.  We wanted Tags on PP7 to be converted to labels.  That was working on the previous PP8 version.  The current version don't have an option for that when importing from PP7.

    Also, I have thousands of labels that were created from the previous v8 PP7 import, now I can't bulk delete them, it is a pain to delete them one at a time.

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