New Passpack Desing - Passwords Lost



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    Dan Hill

    Hi Everyone, 

    After the update a lot of users are having this problem. The local database is not being created correctly so some data is not being displayed in the app. All of your data still exists on the server. Me and the other developers are working on patch and will deploy it ASAP. I am sorry I haven't replied on the forum quicker. We are really swamped with responding to tickets. 

    I know everyone would like details on why this update has taken so long and had so many problems. I promise as soon as we have everything stabilized we will write up a postmortem along with how we plan to prevent a situation like this happening again. 

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    HI have the same issue. 


    Do you have a fix date? cause It's kinda your basic feature. passwords.. and stuff :)

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    Just received this answer from support:


    Hi Nic,
    I am really sorry you are having this problem. A few users have run into this problem since the update and we are working on a fix. I will message you again as soon as we have deployed a fix to the servers.


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    Thanks Dan.  I understand deployments don't always go perfectly.  Appreciate the communication.  An incident response page would be useful.

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    Rob Sykes

    Yes, same for me and it's needless to say causing some issue with access to stuff!

    I'm following this thread so any updates on here would be really helpful.



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    Not only the passwords are lost but also the Notes.

    Also the search function is not working unless the first characters are used.

    The dashboards and messages not working as well.

    Any chance to revert back changes done as a damage control? Afterwards you can revise the poorly upgrade done.

    Regards, Miguel

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    Max Dana

    The transfer ownership functionality also seems to have gone away, which is a major business-disrupting change for us. I agree with the suggestion above that you should roll back this release until you can release a stable version. I also think that you should implement both an automated quality control test suite and pre-development and pre-launch user testing processes to gather feedback before rolling out such a drastic change to your product.


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    @dan_hill  I can’t even get to the password display grid shown in the post.  All I get is the hour glass spinners.  Please tell me the patch will address this.  I also want an RCA on how this version made it into production without, it seems, any testing.  You guys are usually so careful.  This time no communication, just bam - new UI - that doesn’t work.  Please address ASAP.

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