I WAS so HAPPY with previous design.



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    The new UI seems more responsive, but it seems to be half-baked.  Dashboard and Messages indicate they are "temporarily unavailable". 

    A greater concern of mine is it doesn't appear mobile-friendly application was considered with this new UI.  The bigger need of mine was a better mobile interface.  Now I cannot even access my passwords when accessing from my mobile device.  This is, to say the least, a big step backwards.

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    Passpack Customer

    The updated UI feels like a through back to the old passpack.

    Passpack 8 used to be intuitive and nice to use. 

    Please, bring it back!

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    Also, why was this launched with no announcement at all? At the log-in screen I wasn't even sure if your app & site had been taken over or was a phishing site or whatever....


    Tagging doesn't seem to be working.
    Filter / search is much worse!

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    At least allow us an option to switch back to the old design. There was hardly any problems with it. I think a lot of us prefer it more than this new layout where the dashboard doesn't even work!

    Please please please give us that option to switch back, even if it's temporary until you do something about this new design.

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